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Mission statement

Meiling is a Dutch foundation set up in 1989 by adoptive parents. It is one of the five intercountry adoption agencies accredited by the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice.
Our mission is to protect the interests of children in need abroad by (a) mediating intercountry adoption for children who have no opportunity to grow up in a family environment in their country of origin and (b) supporting aid projects for children who are not adoptable and who stay behind in the orphanages.


The interests of the children are our priority. For some children, intercountry adoption is a last resort for a better future. Our adoption mediation focuses on these children. We consider the possibilities for placement of a child in its country of origin before mediating intercountry adoption. If there are no such possibilities, we believe intercountry adoption is in the best interests of a child.


Our objective is to find the best suitable parents for a child, not vice versa.
Our goal is to provide the highest quality adoption service. Our volunteers perform their duties with the utmost care.
We focus in particular on those children for whom it is hard to find parents. We mediate for both healthy and special needs children.
To help children who are not adoptable, we support aid projects in the countries from which children are adopted through Meiling.